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A revolutionary animal-rights organization that merges style with activism

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Our Secret Guide to Must-Have Vegan Brands


Just for Subscribing to our Monthly Newsletter, you'll receive this awesome gift with vegan brands from accessories to shoes. A creatively designed list, organized by sections, and including stunning images and user reviews.

Map of Top Vegan Restaurants in Your City


In each Monthly Newsletter, we'll be running a poll for our fans to tell us which city we should map out next. We want to provide you with a fun-to-read interactive map of your city pinpointing the best vegan restaurants to try.



We know not everyone is motivated by sad painful images of animal cruelty. Therefore, we are here to empower your support! Each Monthly Newsletter will include top stories on animal rights achievements by the vegan community.


Who said an activist couldn't be stylish? ;)

Veltimera's founder, Velvet Kat, is a fashion designer, illustrator, and instructor with an immeasurable love of animals. She found her calling to pursue animal rights activism through design when she crossed paths with animal rights group Vegan Outreach in 2012, and has been building Veltimera behind the scenes to what it represents now.

A Fairy Royal is an individual fearless in style, passionate about ethical values, and kind to all living beings.


VELTIMERA is an organization partnering with various animal rescues around the US.

Out of every purchase you make from our shop and every event that you attend, 50% will be donated to sponsor their animals, and the other 50% will go towards keeping our community glowing brighter and stronger.


We're also partnering with inspiring artists around the world to create awe-inspiring content that creates veganism and animal rights awareness.


Eccentric fashion collections will be produced only four times a year in limited quantities, with tailoring options to fit your uniquely fabulous self, and most designs being unisex.

Our MISSION is to grow a driven, unique, warm-hearted, and collaborative community that changes animals lives with every sale, marketing strategy, event, story, and all that we do!


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